mountain biking

Zeri is a little known mountain-biking destination. The hills are full of ancient mule tracks, with more being opened up each year. There is biking to match all abilities, but the emphasis here is on steady climbs on tarmac and some blistering descents on natural single-track and mule-track. Martin knows the area well and is available as a guide, or you can download tracks onto your gps, via garmin.

This is quality all-mountain style mtb. Trips can be arranged with a drop off at a high point, with a well gravity-assisted descent to various places, including Pontremoli.
Other excursions have included a ride along the alta via to La Spezia, followed by ½ a day sailing on Molly Mack. There is also a small downhill track near Albaretto, with an up-lift service at weekends.

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